Exercising Outdoors is Much Better than Going to a GYM

Some people love running, paddling and mountain biking in the outdoors. They love going to a park and running all around the park.

Actually, fresh air and fitness, both go great with each other. Moreover, the greenery around you has a great impact on a person mentally. The green color calms down your mind and makes you stress-free. Exercising outdoors is really good for your soul. Also, the changing scenery around you will distract you, so you will forget about how hard you are working.

Green exercise serves you a lot and is great for your soul and body, and this is scientific, and a lot of researches are going on about it all around the world.

Start Green Exercise

Through green exercise, your stress will get reduced. You don’t have to pay heavily to a doctor if you have stress. And stresses are dangerous, they can lead to many other diseases, like depression, high blood pressure, and diabetes. In older guys, cognition will decline. The working of the brain will get reduced much slow, and they will have reduced changes of dementia and other brain-related diseases.

Vitamin G

In many clinics, doctors are prescribing vitamin-G for the benefit of body and mind. This is due to the maturity of the green exercise researches taking place all over the world. You mightn’t have heard of vitamin G before. But vitamin G is not a nutrient; it can’t be found from drinking water, pills, sunshine or food. The only way to get it is walking barefoot on the ground, and it doesn’t cost you anything. There’s also no chance of getting overdosed by vitamin G.

Nowadays, people stopped walking barefoot. They are too busy the whole day, and at home, they are wearing slippers or putting on a sock. But when you make time for green exercise, for a little time you can take off your shoes and walk on the green grass barefoot. That will give you a sufficient amount of vitamin G. Vitamin G is important to reduce chronic inflammation and emotional well-being. Your cognitive function will be better, and you will have a better mental outlook and creativity.

Many Studies Found Green Exercise Effects Physiological Markers of Stress

Here are some examples:

  • In Great Britain, a study concluded that udendørs fitness gives a greater feeling of positive energy and revitalization. It also concluded that green exercise decreases confusion, depression, anger, and There were 11 trails carried out in this study done by Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry of Exeter. There were 833 people involved. On Feb 4, 2011, the result was published in the journal called as Environmental Science and Technology.
  • In another study at the University of Michigan, they mentally fatigued 38 students intentionally. Then these students were asked to walk in nature for 50 minutes. It was seen that the students who walked in the green had good cognitive performance compared to the others who walked in the streets. So, these are some benefits you can only get if you find some time out from your busy schedule and go to some green areas and do some exercise or at least walk there.
  • In a study done in Japan was published in Public Health journal written that “forest bathing” effects a person physically as well as mentally. In this study, 12 subjects were picked up, and they were studied in urban and nature settings. The study concluded that the people in the natural setting had a measurable and positive effect on both stress hormone cortisol found in saliva and nervous system.

How do sunsets and trees de-stress?

Our brains are taxed not only by the modern day works and jobs, but it is also the distractions that go on around us, and we go on putting the massive effort not to get distracted. When we are in nature, the effort gets lower. Nature has the capability to take off the distractions involuntarily. You require little-to-no effort, and our brain can take a little break from the efforts needed to block these distractions. Nature is like our mother, and we become a kid on her lap. So, better give some time to nature to take care of us.