Know more about b12 patches and side effects

Many people suffer from a deficiency of vitamin b12, and if it is for quite a long time, then people often go for the treatment. The treatment can be costly or can be a lengthy process. The world is changing with the rapid growth rate. Science and medicines are growing too. So the scientists have come across with new modern medicine or technique used to cure the b12 deficiency.

B12 deficiency patches

These patches are known as transdermal patches. These patches are used by the person having the deficiency of vitamin b12. These patches are very easy to use and are very effective. They treat the problem within a short period of time. The best part about these patches is that they do not spread unwillingly. Basically, they are noninvasive. Everything has its own pros and cons. So these patches have some issues and some side effects as well.

The side effects of these b12 patches are as follows

  1. If the woman is in a condition of breastfeeding or nursing a child, then there will be b12 patch side effects
  2. If these patches get in interaction with other medications or drugs which contains a proton pump, then they will be harmful.

So the person using drugs containing proton pump should not use these b12 patches.

  1. People who generally have skin problems or skin issues should not try this because it can irritate them or can cause rashes and other skin problem. Patients having skin problem should avoid these patches
  2. There are chances of blood clotting if one uses these patches.
  3. People who use these patches have to deal with diarrhea problem too.
  4. Patients using these transdermal patches can have anxiety or heart attack problem too. At the same time, it can increase the potassium levels in the blood.