Know What to Expect Before Going in for a DOT Physical Exam

For commercial drivers and some other professionals, a regular examination by a medical doctor might be a necessary part of the job. This requirement is rooted in current laws and regulations imposed under the Department of Transportation and aims to ensure those behind the wheel on the roads of the United States are physically suited for the task. For those who are facing such an appointment, there might be a few questions about what to expect. The following guide offers a basic overview of the typical process.

What Do I Need to Do to Prepare?

While the right clinic will be able to take care of many details associated with a DOT physical Corpus Christi TX, there are a few things every driver can do to help expedite the process. For starters, remember to bring along information from an updated medical history report. Additional data to have on hand might include a list of medications currently being taken and any use of hearing aids, contacts, or any corrective lenses. 

What Should I Expect When I Arrive?

Among the most common tests associated with this type of examination are those associated with eyesight and hearing. Furthermore, medical staff will likely take a blood sample in an effort to spot signs of chronic medical issues including high blood pressure. Finally, expect to submit a urine sample for testing that will reveal signs of alcohol and drug abuse. 

How Often Do I Need a Physical?

In most cases, drivers should look forward to scheduling a DOT physical at least once every two years. Some patients with certain conditions might need to get more frequent checkups.
Driving is a job that keeps the nation moving. For those who make that legacy possible, staying up to date on mandated medical exams will help the whole system stay on course.