Questions To Ask Your Dentist Before a Major Procedure

Whether you are facing a root canal or the placement of a dental implant, there are some questions you should ask your doctor before you schedule your procedure. Make sure to get the information well in advance so you can compare procedures and make the best decisions for your oral health.

What Is the Detailed Treatment Plan?

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There is nothing worse than starting a complicated dental treatment plan and then realizing it will take a full year longer than you thought to get your winning smile. THis can be common in cases involving orthodontia, dentures, and implants because they can take several visits to complete. Speak up if there are things on the plan you do not understand. If you are having a very involved procedure such as full mouth dental implants done, then it may help to look through an implant dentistry journal online so you can learn about the procedure from the comfort of your own home.

Do They Take Your Insurance?

Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out that the dentist or oral surgeon you picked doesn’t participate in your dental plan. Take the time to contact your insurance carrier before you schedule your surgery to check about coverage levels, expected costs, and if a preauthorization is needed.

Don’t panic if you don’t have dental insurance. You can check out the savings you could get through using a discount dental plan, or even just ask the office if they offer a cash discount.

Is Sedation Dentistry an Option?

This can be a huge issue if you are one of the many people who experience fear or anxiety when they go to the dentist. Luckily, sedation dentistry means you won’t have to suffer through a stressful procedure. Ask what types of anesthesia your dentist offers. While many will provide partial sedation for things like root canals, they may also offer more comprehensive options for very involved surgeries.

Dental procedures don’t have to be dreadful experiences. Make sure you ask questions and fully understand what is going to happen so you can make informed decisions every step of the way.