Relieve anxiety the CBD way

Tens of millions of Americans suffer from anxiety according to estimates, and many observers believe that this figure will continue to rise. It’s understandable, given that our brains are continuously stimulated nowadays by 24/7 internet access, meaning that we essentially interact with others around the clock. Social media conversations are a perfect storm for the most notorious symptoms of anxiety, such as overthinking (“will they reply to me?”) and worst-case scenario thinking (“they must hate me”).

However, anxiety doesn’t just manifest when we’re alone with our thoughts, but potentially with others too. Social anxiety sufferers know just how challenging face-to-face interactions can be, even with people they know, never mind those that they don’t.

As with many mental health conditions, the pharmaceutical treatments for anxiety leave much to be desired. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) drugs seem to be the go-to drug for doctors, when they don’t fully understand a condition but believe simply increasing the availability of ‘happiness’ chemicals can help. However, many anxiety patients experience no benefits from SSRIs, even with long-term treatment plans.

The good news is that those with anxiety now have access to a natural option, cannabidiol (CBD) which is legal and available in all 50 US states, and many other countries. CBD is extracted from hemp and cannabis, and hemp-derived wholesale CBD products do not cause a psychoactive response in the user – this is critical as one of the main critiques of psychotropic cannabis is that it increases anxiety levels. Another unique bonus of CBD is that it can be consumed in a variety of ways, all of which help to reduce anxiety differently. Let’s take a look at a few of these.

Vaping CBD

Smoking CBD hemp flower has the same pleasant effect on anxiety as vaping, but with so many people throwing away their joints and blunts in favor of e-liquids, we’ll concentrate solely on this healthier intake method, which doesn’t subject the lungs and body to carcinogens and toxins.

The key reason that anxiety is such a devastating condition and so challenging to treat is because symptoms emerge in an instant, set off by a triggering event. Vaporized CBD effectively has a shortcut into the bloodstream. Instead, of having to be digested and transported through the liver and gut, the molecules simply permeate through tissues in the lungs. This means that the CBD becomes active in seconds, rather than half an hour or more. This makes all the difference for somebody suffering with anxiety.

The more self-aware that an anxiety patient is, the better results they can have with vaping CBD, because they can either spot a trigger the moment it happens or anticipate it. For example, a social anxiety sufferer faced with the prospect of meeting new people can dose up before the event, giving themselves two to three hours of calmness.

CBD tincture oils

CBD tincture oils are quite similar to vape oils, and are the preferred way of taking the substance for those who are health-conscious. While ex-smokers typically have no qualms about vaping, people who have neither smoked nor vaped tend to steer clear.

CBD in a tincture oil also bypasses the liver and gut, getting into the bloodstream by being sublingually absorbed through tissues in the mouth. Users are recommended to apply CBD under the tongue, keeping it there for a couple of minutes to maximize absorption. The anxiolytic effects are generally noticeable within five to 10 minutes of consumption and last for around three hours.

CBD edibles

CBD edibles wholesale do not deliver the speedy benefits that vape juices and tinctures do, but have a list of qualities that the others don’t. The delayed reaction time with gummy bears and other CBD treats is made up for by a longer-lasting experience. As opposed to wearing off after three hours, CBD edibles can provide relief for six or more, depending on the speed of your metabolism. This is great if you don’t have the opportunity to top up your dose at regular intervals.

Furthermore, edibles are incredibly discreet, so you can take them at work or around with friends, without them having any idea that you are self-medicating. Ideally, take a first dose about half an hour before engaging in a scenario likely to cause anxiety, and if you need – and are able – to take more, do so as and when.

Final thought

CBD can be used to manage anxiety in a way that suits you – experimentation will help you find your perfect product.