Shining The Spotlight On Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery operations are carried out to improve a person’s physical appearance. Occasionally there are deformities, like cleft palates, that have to be remedied. Typically though, people undergo this type of surgery to alter an aspect of their appearance that they dislike. Examples of these operations are blepharoplasty, lipsuction, breast reduction or augmentation, rhinoplasty and face lifts.

When patients get in touch with cosmetic surgeons to book an operation, they will be asked to attend a consultation. During this meeting, surgeons decide how suitable patients are for the procedure, and talk to them about the available options and potential risks. After the two parties agree on how to proceed, a surgery appointment will be made.

People considering cosmetic procedures should bear the risks in mind. Not every operation is a success, and the recovery period is the same as other operations — accompanied with the potential for infection and a lot of pain. People should research their surgeons thoroughly, get a number of different recommendations, and keep their expectations realistic.

Eyelid lifts, or blepharoplasty, surgically takes skin off the lower and upper eyelids. As time passes, the eyelids become less elastic, which produces saggy skin and wrinkles. People can be made to look more youthful if these areas are tightened. In some cases, the upper eyelids sag to the point where they obstruct a person’s sight. If this occurs, certain insurance firms will cover some of the fees for blepharoplasty.

One common cosmetic procedure is abdominal liposuction. Here, fat deposits are extracted to mold the stomach and provide the patient with a leaner figure. This kind of operation is also referred to as a ‘tummy tuck’. In addition, liposuction is carried out on other body parts, like the thighs and buttocks.

Face lifts are another common plastic surgery operation. Rhytidectomy is the medical term for this. When people get older, the skin on their face becomes looser, which causes unwelcome wrinkles and sagging. Face lifts tighten the skin to get rid of wrinkles and bags, making the face appear younger.

A cosmetic surgeon will operate on patients who are sedated, completely anesthetized and patients who have been given local anesthetics. This varies, based on the type of operation. Normally, surgeons work alongside anesthesiologists and surgical nurses, who ensure that the operations run seamlessly. While a cosmetic surgeon does not carry out reconstructive operations, which are meant to correct defects or trauma, they occasionally advise on reconstructive cases, offering help and expertise. Furthermore, a cosmetic surgeon might volunteer to work for an international organization, to offer complimentary operations to residents of third world countries. This helps to improve the lives of people with physical defects, who are too poor to pay for cosmetic procedures.

Lots of small breasted women choose to have breast enlargement or augmentation operations. Throughout this procedure, the breasts have implants surgically pushed into them, to increase their size. Occasionally, women who have one breast larger than the other will opt for this surgery, to make their breasts appear more uniform. Women with big, saggy breasts often undergo breast reduction surgery. During this procedure, the areola is pushed up after fatty tissue is extracted.

Augmentation procedures are not confined to breasts. They can be used to lift or enlarge the buttocks as well. Occasionally, implants are used during chin augmentations, to alter the contours of a person’s face.

Nose jobs, or rhinoplasty, alters the appearance of a person’s nose. This can change the nose in numerous ways, such as resizing, narrowing the angle of nostrils, and getting rid of unsightly lumps. This ranks among the most common cosmetic surgery operations.

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