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Hey there! Nice to see you here. I guess you are wondering a little bit about me.

Who am i?

  • Philip¬†Scott Koerner


This is the question I ask myself when I see an advertising text of a new author for me. It is important for me to understand whether it is possible to trust him and believe what he teaches.

And i answer to myself. A healthy lifestyle has always been a part of my life. You can also use your experience to teach your children and help them to build their life for better. For me, it is always a part of my parenting technique. So for whichever purpose that you come to healthy lifestyle you can start here with us.

Why you should trust me

I believe that a healthy lifestyle necessarily affects the success of an individual. A healthy lifestyle is currently considered an important component aspect of a modern person. After all, the main asset of any state, the main wealth is its citizens. In order for the state to exist normally and develop steadily, it needs a healthy, active population.

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Welcome to EveMedicine.  Any suggestions and feedback, do not hesitate to contact us at: EveMedicine.com. Or find me at: evemedicine.online@yahoo.com

And please know that our journeys can only continue with your love and support.