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Global Nutrition


One of the acute problems of the world community is knowledge of healthy and balanced nutrition. A number of economic and geographical problems prevent access to healthy foods for the population. To address these issues, the global community creates organizations with educational and supporting tools. Such organizations provide assistance in obtaining a healthy diet and knowledge in this area.

Global Nutrition

Around the world, various organizations and programs are being created to disseminate knowledge about the importance of proper nutrition among the poor populations. In the United States, the National Council on Nutrition Policy was one of the first to control, coordinate, and disseminate knowledge, recommendations on nutrition, scientific research, and global cooperation in nutrition.

Communities in the United States have such resources to study nutrition issues as USDA (EFNEP), NIH, Feed the Future, and SPRING Nutrition. Organizations such as WHO, FNS, WPHNA, UNICEF, World Food Program, and Food and Agricultural Organization deal with similar issues all other the world. The efforts of these organizations are aimed at ensuring the level of food safety in low-income families.


Now in the World

In the modern world, there are major problems due to which the population does not have access to healthy nutrition. The first problem is related to the economic component. To produce products with chemical additives is much cheaper than to grow natural products. The second problem is the specific area in which people live. In large cities, businessmen aim to open a large number of grocery stores with cheap goods available to everyone. Considering the first problem, cheap food usually has poor quality. The third problem is the geographical location of some countries, along with the lack of fertile soil, a suitable climate, or well-established supply of quality food to certain regions.

Products with chemical additives

It is obvious that the influence of proper nutrition has a positive effect on human health. It is crucial for people not to forget to improve their knowledge in the field of nutrition since vitamins and other useful substances can be obtained with healthy food. For example, one should discern which harmful trace elements, such as trans fats, can affect well-being.

Having studied the course information, it would be useful to learn more about the breakdown and absorption of trace elements, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Likewise, one should be aware of what can lead to a lack of micronutrients in the body and how it affects the functioning of certain organs. Finally, it is important for everyone to know the foods with which a person can get more vitamins and healthy nutrients and which foods are better to be excluded from ration.

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Written: 14.07.2021
Edited: 04.10.2022
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